Fall Gospel Meeting – October 15-18, 2017
Speaker: Ken Hope of Garland, Texas

Theme: "How To..."

                Sunday, Oct. 15th 
9:30 AM Class: How toovercome discouragement
10:20 AM Worship: How to be saved...How to be lost
                  5:00 PM: How toappreciate the seven wonders of Christianity

                Monday, Oct 16th
                                                     7:30 PM: How to learn from a fool

                Tuesday, Oct. 17th
                           10:00 AM: Ladies class: How to be a Mary in the midst of Marthas
7:30 PMHow to deal with problems in the home

               Wednesday, Oct. 18th
              7:30 PMHow toprepare for the last day of your life

Ken Hope is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian College. He and his wife Julie Ramsey Hope have for children and four grandchildren. For the past thirty-four years he has served as the preacher for the Centerville Road Church of Christ in Garland, Texas. He speaks in Bible lectureships, marriage and parenting seminars and Gospel Meetings each year.

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The Handley Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas is in need of a sound gospel preacher. The church has an average Sunday morning attendance of fifty six and is served by four elders and two deacons. Our associate minister, Doug Martin has served since 1978. Tom Wacaster served faithfully for six and a half years and has left to work with the Memphis School of Preaching. Applicants should send a resume, picture and list of references to: the Elders, Handley Church of Christ, 3029 Handley DriveFort Worth, Texas 76112. Applicants may also submit such materials via Email to: Secretary@handleychurchofchrist.com

Our plans for the sale of our present building and relocation are now in operation and the elders have decided to put the search for a preacher on hold until January, 2018. If you are still interested in the position, please contact us at that time. In the meantime, we wish you well in your efforts to serve the Lord.